Rimmers Rest Cantina

As you walk into the dimly lit bar, you see a few heads turn in your direction, but most seem to not even notice your arrival. After a quick look around the room, you can tell this isn't the safest place you've ever been, and put one hand over your weapon and the other on your credits, as you make your way to the bar.

After serving a drink to a customer, the barkeep walks over and says, "Whada ya having?" 

As you lean close, you whisper that your looking for the Smuggler's Guild. His only reply is, "Never heard of'am."

As he starts to walk off you produce a hand full of credits and slide them across the bar toward the bartender. The Chiss takes a quick look around then grins, "Neva heard of' am."

You place another stack of credits next to the first, and they both quickly disappear, as the barkeep says, "The Saltyest Corellian is tha man ya want ta be talkin' ta."  As he goes back to serving drinks.

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